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Cautionary Tale…

Augh. I’m still kind of recovering from an incident I witnessed today – and though the last thing I want to do is scare people away from biking, I had to share this story.
I dropped my kids off at their day camp and was heading home to do some cleaning. Ahead of me in the bike lane was a mom with a toddler in a front mounted seat and a child riding independently. I was right behind them,  crossing an intersection at a green light when she stopped abruptly,  they both started screaming, and fell to the ground. At first I guess I thought they just tipped, and I stood with my bike in the middle of the intersection to cork while they got up.  Several adults came out to help,  so I went to the boy on his own bike and got him on the sidewalk. 
I was then horrified to see that the little one was tangled in the bike.  His front ankle had gotten caught in the spokes of the front tire and it took 5 adults over five minutes to get mom, kid, and bike off the street.
I’m not certain of what I saw, but this poor baby was in pain. Im going to speculate that he had a compound fracture, but won’t give all the details. Mom was amazing- very calm. It took the ambulance longer than I’d expected to arrive- a couple called twice while the three year old cried in Spanish that it hurt- a lot.
I had at one time looked at this seat the “Tyke Toter” sold on Amazon, and then seen some disturbing reviews describing similar incidents.  You can look these up if you’re feeling tough- they’re kind of hard to take.
This seat was a Wee Ride Co-Pilot, and the mom said he was too big for it- his feet weren’t in the foot cups.
Just really wanted people to be aware of this, look at your setups and be sure those little feet are clear of the tires!
Our beloved Yuba Mundo has those wheel guards for a reason, too.
Thinking of that little guy tonight- glad it wasn’t worse, but so sad for him!

Penny in Yo Pants

Verdict:  YES.  This works!!  Keep your hands on the bars, not on your lap.

Penny In Yo Pants

A few tweaks- I always wear “shorts” under my skirts, and I prefer the button side down.  Yes, it looks like a weird pucker, and yes, I always forget about it (but really, I don’t look that put-together shlepping both kids around anyhow) and I use a quarter instead of a penny.  But it’s a pretty awesome trick.