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Riding Outside the Bike Lane

  I know I’m often saying on here that the infrastructure in Chicago is getting much better- but I still found this video very entertaining.  I have been spending a lot of time “taking the lane” lately since the potholes are out of control.  However, I will say the Chicago Police Department has never been anything but friendly to us (I can’t imagine them not being nice to my smiling kids.)  I do get road rage, to some degree, when I see people blocking the bike lane though.  It puts my family at risk.  I’m looking at YOU, taxis…

Chicago Kidical Mass and Cargo Bike Roll Call- Roscoe Village Edition

Fun ride leads to disheveled lunch at Wishbone :)

Fun ride leads to disheveled lunch at Wishbone :)

Last Saturday was an awesome day…  We excited to get out in the nice Spring weather and go for a family ride, so we headed about 7 miles North to Roscoe Village and joined some of our Kidical Mass friends, then stuck around after for the Cargo Bike Roll Call, organized by Steven Vance.

Cool things I saw:  a new one-of-a-kind upcycled speaker bike build by Todd (who I’d love to interview and introduce to you at some point) an electric assist family with a Bullitt and a Boda Boda, and three other ORANGE YUBA MUNDOS.  I have to say, these people have excellent taste ;)  I tried to ride a Workcycle, but it was too tall, and the bakfiets was so poplular I decided to try it another day.

The Roscoe Village ride is fairly new- they just started up in October and April’s ride (after a Wintermission) was really well attended- about 75 riders came!  And we were all in a good mood, thanks to the sunshine.  I am always so happy for an opportunity to talk to other biking families and to see accessories in action- after checking out a few setups, I decided to get a towing tray for Princess N’s future bike.  Which I’m happy to say she won’t stop asking for.  Teach the children well, and all.

Afterward my two were excited to play with other kids on the playground until we all had to eat and use a bathroom.  We headed to Wishbone on Lincoln, one of our old haunts.  They have grits, and the best gluten-free english muffin I’ve ever had.  Okay, it’s the only GF english muffin I’ve ever had…

Since we took the Yepp Maxi off the deck of the Yuba, I’ve had some trouble planning/timing trips with a worn out 3 year old.  If he is really drowsy, I don’t feel safe with him behind me, even with big sis holding on to the handlebars behind him, so I sent dad and little guy home on the train while us girls rode the remaining six miles home.  We got there safely after a smoothie stop.  Dirty kids, sweaty clothes, and all of us worn out from fresh air.  A success.

My Office


We are out at our park district programming today, and I’ve found little guy does much better when I’m out of sight-so I’ve been hiding just outside the front door. Of course I didn’t realize this field house consisted of only one room, a restroom, and am office when we signed up, so there isn’t even a hallway I can check email in. Yuba Mundo to the rescue! Verizon hotshot on, Maxim air charged up, and voila-its time to get my bookkeeping on.  I even get to park my butt on a soft spot.  (I will have to have another plan when it rains!)