Monthly Archive: June 2014

Amtrak Bike Box

wpid-20140618_144448.jpgI’ve been spending a lot of time in Milwaukee, lately… my mom is being treated for appendix cancer (yep, that’s a thing, unfortunately- but she is working hard on beating it) and I’ve used Amtrak several times. So the other day, this happened.  Now- I have searched on the Amtrak website a LOT but never found an easy way to tell what the policy on bikes was for the Hiawatha.  I see a list of carry on bike service here, and it says they carge $10 for the bike box and $15 for the fee, but since my Yuba won’t fit in a standard box I kind of quit reading.   Folding bikes get on as carry on luggage.  (One more reason I’m interested in a used Dahon or something, sometimes…)

Well I saw this guy, and I asked if I could take a photo of the box. Then I asked if he needed any help, and he said he was fine.  You can see he has a hell of a toolkit there with him, and he said he’d be okay.  While I was standing there assessing the box, another guy walked up, identified himself as a bike mechanic, and started offering some advice.  (Hey, Village Bikes mechanic.  Hope you had a nice trip home!)  He also told me there is a case that looks like “art supplies” that they sell you can pack your bike in and get away with it.  Doesn’t that seem trickier than it has to be?

Anyways, the guy with the bike looked pretty frustrated. I lost track of his progress.  But basically, it looked like a giant pain in the butt.  I suppose if you wanted to take a bike to Colorado, or Austin, or somewhere awesome, it might be nice to take it apart and bring it with you.  BUT.  If you are going from Milwaukee to Chicago, you might be better off renting or buying a cheap bike. Or taking a cab.  Because I seriously wonder if it would be worth the trouble.

I have never, never seen all the seats on the Hiawatha full.  Maybe I’ve missed a rush hour or something, but I wonder why they don’t allow carry on bikes, like Metra does, during off peak hours.  I guess I’ll have to send them an email.

Family Bike Event

family bikes.jpg

When I contacted Vanessa from BFF bikes about posting the South Loop Kidical Mass ride on the meetup page for Illinois Women Cyclists, she suggested I host a clinic for families.  Great idea.  Except I certainly consider myself to be new to biking, yet,  So I called in some help from the other Kidical Mass organizers and friends, and we put this informal event together.  We’ll have a variety of setups to look at, talk about, and probably try out.  Bring your kids and your curiousity! Kids will enjoy the sandbox and playground, you’ll enjoy the awesome view. Details here at the Facebook Event.

Costco Run

Trek Transport and Yuba Mundo make a Costco run.

Trek Transport and Yuba Mundo make a Costco run.

So Princess N now has glasses.  She has anisometropia, and wears an eyepatch a few hours a day, and she’s been absolutely perfect about it.  Well, just shy of perfect, like she asks to take off the patch after about 45 minutes, and she puts her glasses down on the ground from time to time.  I’ve been harping on her to put them somewhere safe, and on Sunday I was pacing over our blue and brown rug (talking mermaid business, of course) and I stomped some blue and brown glasses.  Hard.

So we gathered up our pieces and had a fifteen minute argument about who’s fault it was, as moms and daughters do, (I win) and we packed up the Go-Getter bag and rode off to Costco.  I’ve been there on a bike one time before, and was happy to see bike racks right up front.  Rockstar parking, really, for Costco.

Well what did we see?  Hello, Trek Transport!  Hello, big cargo bags!  So very nice to see you at Costco, South of Roosevelt.

We brought home 3 gallons of milk, 3 creamers, a lot more meat than I’m comfortable admitting to, dinner for four and my favorite store bought tamales.  Oh, and the Princess is rocking the specs again, too.