Monthly Archive: October 2014

Battle of the Bike Lane Barriers… which do you like??

Here in Chicago, we see primarily a painted buffer, the skinny bollards, or parked cars.  I like the parked cars best, though they still sometimes mosey on over to the bike lanes…

But I wonder if there isn’t some issue with having the lane be completely contained, like the ones with a curb or planters?  I know we often swerve around potholes and “Randolph Lake” on the Dearborn bike lane, so there’d have to be a decent amount of space within for people to avoid whatever obstacles, because they couldn’t just merge into traffic.  Although- that’s kind of the point of a protected lane.

Thinking out loud… obviously I’m not the only one who hasn’t figured this out!  The “Turtle Bumps” might be something I’d like to see- and the planters.  What do you think?

An awesome collection of bike lane barrier setups from People for Bikes.