Homeschooling. On two wheels. Here we go!


Officially a kindergartner!

Last Tuesday was the girl’s first official day of Kindergarten- and we had SO MUCH FUN.  There are 38 kids in each class this year, no aide.  The parents are considering raising something like $1000.00 each to get some assistants- it’s insane.  I was going back and forth on this idea, but there were a lot of reasons for not sending her to public school.  High on the list was logistics: no bus.  1.5 miles from here on foot, nearly two by bike (two really unsafe biking streets, we’d have to go out of our way to get there comfortably) and the attendance expectations are pretty rigid.

So we joined other families for a “Not Back To School Picnic” at a park on the North side, and my kids enjoyed it thoroughly.  We’re using Time for Learning’s 1st grade curriculum for the big girl and an awesome app called “iTrace” for the boy- I do a morning message, calendar with math routine, we do a journal entry, and read a book.  That’s the plan so far.  On the bus today we counted people getting off and on, counted down the stops to our destination, had a long talk about time (yesterday vs tomorrow and how long is “a little while”) and we talked about luck vs choices and responsibility.  For example- mom forgetting the bike key and having to go a half mile back home, then being a wee bit late for the play group isn’t “bad luck.”  It’s poor organization 😉

So- valuable lessons all around.


Me and my ‘students’ on the first day of school.

Later, me and my girly went to a social for a new website/directory called “Bikabout.”  The kids and I want to chip in and contribute some family friendly bike routes for Chicago- the site is live, but it sounds like the founder, Megan, has big plans and I’m pretty excited to look more into the features- like routes, rentals, and where to stay in cities across the U.S.

On the way home we FINALLY stopped at the Kinzie bridge, one of my favorite spots in the city.  We frequently see people taking wedding photos here when we roll by on weekend mornings, this time we got a quick selfie to commemorate our girls’ night out.wpid-img_20140904_231505.jpg wpid-img_20140902_212149.jpg

*Sad note.  I used a program from Active Trans called “Drive Less, Live More” awhile ago, and I’m really interested in seeing our commutes in an organized, quantitative way- but it’s GONE! :(  I’m looking for a system to track miles by bike, car, transit, and on foot.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions!  Otherwise I need a bike computer.

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