Big-Girl Bike!

I was picking my friends’ brains about a better bike for the girl, and saw a few of the models we’d chatted about listed for sale by some guy out in the suburbs.  He encouraged me to check out the serial number and assured me he buys his bikes at estate sales and fixes them up for extra income.  I haven’t yet, to be honest…


New (old) bike!

We decided to go with a Specialized Hotrock.  It’s in good shape, exactly the right size, and has the features we were looking for- except being lightweight.  I figured it was about ten years old- it’s actually 13!  I will probably keep my eyes open for something a bit newer but like that she can start with the brakes and have something better for her long legs.

I’d prefer to keep our cost down around $150 for this kids bike, and welcome your suggestions!


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