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Screenshot from the Bikabout page- I assure you what I sent looked nowhere near this put-together… hope they don’t mind me sharing this pretty but tiny teaser on the blog!

A few months ago I met with Megan, founder of, and discussed Chicago’s best bike rides.  There was a smallish turnout, and I promised I had lots of ideas (story of my life.)

About five months later, and in the midst of our deep freeze, I got an email asking how the route was coming.  So I forwent blogging for a bit to put together a map, some photos, and descriptions of some of our favorite stops.  Here’s the link to my very first route as an ambassador!

I’m happy to say we get to ride this route frequently- if you’ve followed us at all you’ll recognize some of our stops.  It also overlaps our Kidical Mass route most of the way.

If you’re interested in curating some routes for the site, there’s a link to become an ambassador here.