My son, playing “plants vs. zombies” in the bike petting zoo…


I still have to tweak our signage to make it fit on our rear rack, but it looked pretty good!


April South Loop Kidical Mass at the new skate park! (there were other people there, I swear!)

The South Loop Kidical Crew

The South Loop Kidical Crew

Our first Kidical Mass ride was a success!  It was a decent day, but still a bit cool.  We stopped mid-way to watch some stunts at the skate park.  One dad had his board on his Fr8 and joined in.  
We ended at one of our favorite parks, Chicago Women’s Park and Gardens.  Everyone pulled up around the fountain (not yet turned on) and then quite a few of us pulled out sidewalk chalk so the kids could leave their marks. The next big April event on our agenda was the Women Bike Chicago Day of Dialogue and Demonstration.  I volunteered to help out with the Bike Petting Zoo, which is one of my favorite things ever… I got to hang out with some of the very smart and helpful moms-who-bike and take the kids for a ride in the bakfiets.  The Haul-a-Day was really popular with people!  For old times sake I took our friend’s Yuba for a spin, which was fun, but I’ve gotten really used to the light weight and low center of gravity on mine, I wouldn’t trade it.  I got to be a passenger on my own bike- it wasn’t easy with the bar on, but we managed. I also attempted to load the bike on a CTA bus rack on its second shortest OSATA setting… it didn’t fit!  I don’t consider that to be a real problem, since it’s easy enough to collapse the stem if needed, but wanted to test it out.  I still am not likely to take the bike on the bus.  Trains are a great option for us and feel much more secure.wpid-20150422_165804.jpg Just wanted to share this photo of my little monsters at Disneyland.  We found insanely cheap round trip airfare to Vegas and decided to roll a  Disney trip in with our multi-generational Vegas adventure.  I’m so glad we did!  I am nuts about bikes, of course, but ironically my son is all about “Cars.” So we had Radiator Springs on our list of places to travel. :)Showing

wpid-20150423_181023.jpgShowing off the ‘monster bikes’ outside Monsters University.  It was cute- sort of a monsterfied Hyde Park!
wpid-20150426_143706.jpgWe met up with my mom and dad in Las Vegas, then took a day trip out into the desert.  We toured Hoover Dam, then drove out to the Valley of Fire State Park.  This was probably the highlight of our vacation!  (Sorry, Mickey!)  We only spent about two hours checking it out, because the kids were tired and my parents were sick of driving around since they’d spent a week already cruising from Reno to Tahoe to New Mexico, etc.  But it was a hit with the kids!  They hoped to see a lizard, and we eventually spotted one. wpid-20150426_144114.jpg wpid-20150501_125544.jpg When we got back to Chicago, “Draft Town” was in full swing.  They’ve finally reopened Buckingham Fountain, a sign summer is on its way! As you can see, our coats are on in nearly all these April pictures.  We’ve had a few days of nice weather, but it’s still not feeling too Spring-ish most days.  On the nice days, we find ourselves in the park near our house, since we have made lots of friends in the neighborhood.  The kids are into making fairy houses, finding bugs, burying dead things, and making up games involving rocks and sticks.  We’ve attempted a few times to ride a bike with pedals, but this guy is still in love with his balance bike and has taken it around for thousands of laps in the past few weeks.wpid-20150503_133500.jpg wpid-20150507_123619.jpg

Here my kids show off their ‘bike rack gymnastics.”  It’s a thing.  Some bike racks are better than others, and this is one of their faves 😉wpid-20150507_125927.jpgThe open back of our bar makes it ideal to recline and enjoy a picnic in the park- something I hope to do much more often in the upcoming month!  We’ve been returning to the sandbox park more and more, and it’s funny that I’ve had several people test drive the bike on the big circular track at Cotton Tail Park.  Our setup certainly does get people’s attention- which is why it’s ideal to incorporate into a small business plan I’ve schemed up!!  One reason I’ve been taking a break from blogging is because I’m making big plans for this… so stay tuned!