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Don’t Just Drag Your Kids- Drag Their Bikes, Too!

Seriously, I thought I’d be CUT by now…


Kids get tired? Drag their bikes!

After hours and hours and hours of running around and riding bikes, the kids got TIRED. As in, their ears don’t work and they are near tears for no reason. So even though I’ve been letting them ride independently on some of the quieter streets, they needed to hitch a ride again the other day. The bikes really do not impact the weight or rideablility of the Mundo. It’s a really, really cool trick.

Typical Tuesday- Art Institute of Chicago


Returning more books than I’d like to carry.

Summer’s whizzing by us.  It’s been mild and wonderful here.  Just thought I’d share some of our regular destinations and show what Chicago has to offer (all much more accessible by bike than by car!)


Salted caramel and bourbon vanilla froyo? Yes, please!

First, we had to return some library books.  The largest library in the city, Harold Washington, is one block east of the Dearborn bike lanes.  So it was easy to swing over and drop off some books.  I’ve taken to using a smaller bag lately, I don’t know why but I tend to stuff the Go-Getter full of junk… this ‘cube’ from our Mountainsmith Hauler is pretty compact, rugged, and has been standing in pretty well for a more specialized pannier.  I usually keep a poncho, sunblock, wipes, a first aid kit, and changes of clothes in here- but we had room for a nice sized stack of books this time, too.  HWLC is a HUGE building that takes up the whole block, but you’ll find return boxes and entrances on Plymouth, Congress, State, and Van Buren.  The Children’s Library upstairs warrants its own post.


Team effort- animal enclosures!


“Islands” by Shima Tachi

We rode back to the bike lanes and saw the farmer’s market at Federal Plaza winding down.  We were able to pick up a bag of cheese curds and some local frozen yogurt to eat in the shade.  One nice thing about our bike is that it provides a pretty comfy seat for me- the kids don’t mind sitting on a low curb in the plaza, but I prefer the back of the Yuba, for sure!As soon as we pulled up to the park to lock up the bike (our favorite rack is across from the modern wing, on Monroe) my big boy started nodding off.  This has been an issue since we took the Yepp off the Yuba- and now my adorable niece is using it on her mom’s Yuba Boda Boda.  We have an exciting solution in the works to several of our issues, and I intend to write a post on that soon!  I wound up carrying the little guy into the Art Institute, and he’s getting really heavy.  He was our like a trout today!  Helmet, backpack, and child in my arms, I walked clear across the museum and down the stairs to show my daughter the miniature rooms.  They’re really amazing.  As soon as we got in, she announced she had to go potty.  It was tricky, and I was sore, and a security guard told me the museum has FREE STROLLERS!  We found an elevator and headed up to the coat check, where they quickly got a stroller.  The only problem is that they are upright and plastic, sort of like a student chair on wheels.  So big boy wakes up, crying.  We put his backpack on his lap, and he was awake, but content while we went to look at Japanese art and tapestries.  Both kids pushed for a return to the Ryan Education Center. wpid-20140805_164201.jpgThe best part of the museum for us is this room.  My kids LOVE the animals, the blocks, and of course- the other kids.  Here Princess N constructed a menagerie with a new buddy, who said she was going to the aquarium for the first time the next day.  My son used foam blocks to make “baby dragons” and instructed other people in the art.  There is something about the decor in the room that makes you happy to stay put for hours.  There are also hundreds of beautiful picture books to peruse, mostly curated because they are art related (or art!)  One note though- no WIFI.  No 4G. no service for my Verizon phone.  So bring a book, or be ready to get on the floor and play.

wpid-20140805_170253.jpgwpid-20140805_170238.jpgAfter a busy day of exploring the art museum, your feet will thank you for a dip in the water near the walkway in the Lurie Garden.  This is the Southernmost part of Millennium Park, just East of the Bean and South of the Pritzker Pavilion.  I did have to talk to my kids about how it’s bad luck to take money from a fountain- it’s like stealing wishes.  I’m right on this, aren’t I?  We usually sit in the middle of the garden, surrounded by hedges, but today offered a new point of view, looking across Monroe at the Modern Wing.  Gorgeous.wpid-20140805_171853.jpgWe heard some music and took a short walk up the sidewalk to catch some of the orchestra rehearsals. Short lived, but a good photo op.  (One tip- if you are going to take kids to a classical music concert, you’d best have food. 😉  Time to head home to make dinner!